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2 pieces of our 1.5 lb brisket and 6 1lb packages of stew meat

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Burger Patties


12 1lb packages each with 3 of our 1/3lb ground beef patties.  No mess, quick burgers!

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Chuck Roast


Our chuck roast makes perfect, fork-tender pot roast or shredded beef.  Each case contains 6 of our 1.5lb chuck roasts.

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Ground Beef


12 1lb packages of our best burger!  Perfect for grilling, tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes, all your fav comfort foods  85% Lean / 15% Fat

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Hot Dogs


8 12oz packages of Hot Dogs (6 hot dogs per package) – ultimate quick meal for the kids

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New York Strip/Sirloin


6 mouth-watering NY Strips – 10oz each, and 5 Top Sirloin – 10oz – perfect and ready for the grill

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6 pieces of melt in your mouth 10oz Ribeye steaks AND 4 tenderloin filets – 6oz each

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Soup Bones/Liver/Fat


Broth and organ meat lovers rejoice!  2lb soup bones, 1 lb liver, and 2lb beef fat

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Big Beef-Eater Box


Hand-selected grass-fed meats will give you the ultimate grass-fed beef experience. This is the highest quality meat you can buy, provided by one of the most experienced ranchers in the industry.

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