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Wismec CB 60 Mod

Article provided by: Wismec USA

Wismec CB 60 Mod

What Has Made the Wismec CB 60 Mod the Latest Must-Have:

It’s no secret that the Wismec CB 60 Mod is the first device on the market that was designed exclusively for high nicotine and Nic-salts, but what has made it one of the most sought-after products available for purchase is the true-to-traditional-smoking experience it provides- the very thing many recent converts who have switched over from cigarettes are looking for. If you’re among the tens of thousands of vape enthusiasts who have recently made the change-over, we invite you to take a closer look at what you can expect from the Wismec CB 60 Mod:

Ask any ex-smoker and they’ll tell you the thing they miss most about smoking cigarettes is that unique experience of a tight airflow on the draw- something vaping has not been able to duplicate; that is until now. The Wismec CB 60 Mod does a superb job of delivering in this regard. If you’re an ex-smoker, you understand what we’re talking about. There’s something altogether remarkable about the one-of-a-kind drag on a cigarette that fills a momentary need. Now you can replicate that same experience without partaking of all of the chemicals, tars and other additives you typically find in a cigarette. The Wismec CB 60 Mod has successfully bridged the gap and cigarette smokers are taking notice.

The product comes in a variety of colors to customize your experience, indulging black, green, silver, purple and our customer favorite: bronze. Specs are as follows:

Size: 22.6*36.9*75.9mm

Weight: 118.9g

Thread Type: 510 spring loaded connector

Output Wattage: 1-60W

Maximum Charging Current: 2A

Output Voltage Range: 0.5-9V

Battery Capacity: 2300mAh

Of course, the main features of the Wismec CB 60 Mod is that it is highly compact, portable and very affordable to purchase and to use. As well, it’s temperature protection system makes charging much safer and effective. You can see a complete list of specs for the product when you visit the wismec.us site and type in the CB 60 Mod into the search bar. You’ll find there’s a lot to love about the product, particularly if you’re a recent vape enthusiast or are still smoking cigarettes and thinking about making the switch-over.

Customers love the product’s top filling solution and bottom airflow controls that make it easy to adjust the airflow to your personal preference. By unscrewing the top portion only, you can refill or top off your e liquid. Rotating the airflow control ring will give you the ‘smoking’ experience you want. It’s goodbye to cigarettes forever, thanks to the new Wismec CB 60 Mod- and we mean it. You can replace your smoking habit with one that experts agree is a healthier option. Wismec makes it possible for the first time, with their innovative mouth-to-lung (MTL) design that is guaranteed to deliver the experience you're craving.

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