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Tin Roof Sundae

Article provided by: Umpqua Dairy Products and Umpqua Ice Cream

Tin Roof Sundae

Umpqua Dairy's Tin Roof Sundae is something that simply must be experienced to be believed. This strictly seasonal flavor of ice cream delight from Umpqua is unlike any other Tin Roof Sundae flavor you’ve tasted to date. Discover the difference quality ingredients make and see why locals are crazy for Umpqua Dairy’s Premium ice cream.

Tin Roof Sundae, from Umpqua Dairy, is only available from April through June in your local grocer’s freezer. This is a matter that many local residents have begun to take into their own hands- including the head production manager, John, from Umpqua Dairy. Like many locals, John loves Tin Roof Sundae and finds it inexcusable that he and others like him are not able to purchase Tin Roof Sundae throughout the entire calendar year.

While Umpqua Dairy brought the beloved flavor back for a limited time, John and his followers continue to petition that it be kept in local freezers forever. Now you can help John Save the Flav by visiting the Umpqua Dairy website or Facebook page and hit like. If John is able to obtain 20,000 likes, Umpqua Dairy will respond favorably to his request and keep Tin Roof Sundae year-round. Voting is limited to one time per person, per day, so visit often and make sure your voice is heard. Don’t forget to enter your email in the appropriate box for a chance to win monthly Umpqua Dairy Swag.

What exactly is Tin Roof Sundae? If you’re of the tiny majority of the population that has never had the pleasure of tasting this delicacy, you’ll want to make a special occasion to try it- and soon. Tin Roof Sundae is rich vanilla ice cream that is swirled with decadent chocolate fudge, then marbled with chocolate covered peanuts. It’s a taste treat that won’t soon be forgotten. Umpqua Dairy’s ice cream contains no rBST hormones, so you can enjoy their Premium ice cream while feeling great about the choice you made.

While we’re all waiting for the results to come in, if you happen to have missed the seasonal offering of Tin Roof Sundae, you may not have to wait until April to enjoy it. January is the official month for Tin Roof Sundae to make its appearance as the flavor of the month. In the event that you simply can’t wait that long, start voting online to build up the likes and ensure your vote is added to others. John will present his votes to the Umpqua Dairy for a final tally and they’ll make their final decision regarding Tin Roof Sundae soon.

No matter what your favorite Umpqua Premium ice cream flavor is, you’ll find they are available to purchase throughout Oregon and Washington. Feel free to visit online to learn more about how Umpqua Dairy brings the freshest, highest quality dairy products to locals looking for frozen desserts that are a cut above the rest. Pick up a tub of Tin Roof Sundae while it’s available in your local grocer’s freezer!

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