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Steakhouse Atlanta

Article provided by: McKendrick's Steak House

Steakhouse Atlanta

If you’re looking for a great meal away from home, sometimes only a juicy, hand-cut steak will do the trick to fulfill your craving for tender, flavorful beef. If you are searching for an award winning, top rated Steakhouse in Atlanta, McKendrick’s Steak House is the number one dining establishment that provides only hand-selected, USDA prime beef that is aged and prepared to perfection. We understand that beef is the cornerstone for many who want a memorable meal when they go out for lunch or dinner, and we offer the finest steaks and chops available.

At McKendrick’s Steak House, we are recognized as the leading Steakhouse in Atlanta that specializes in creating culinary masterpieces which are nothing short of succulent art. If you want your next fine dining experience to focus on a great cut of think, tender, mouthwatering beef, our selection of generously portioned steaks and chops are sure to fit the bill. We have a large variety of specially cut steaks featuring our in-house signature seasoning mix that will compliment the flavor of your selection.


A thick and juicy filet is crucial for those who wish to indulge in a tasty steak dinner, but may not have quite the appetite to take on one of our more extensive steak selections. A good filet is always recognized as one of the most tender cuts of beef and is also known as being one of the leanest steaks available. We offer our signature hand-cut, prime beef filets in 8-oz and 12-oz serving sizes that are accompanied by several side dish choices that will compliment your delicious steak dinner.

Ribeye Steak

For those with a heartier and more enthusiastic appetite, we present our generously portioned cut of a ribeye steak that provides a bolder and more robust flavor of beef in every bite. Because the ribeye is marbled throughout with flavorful fat, it provides a contrast in textures, making it a tender and juicy steak that is sure to please even the most discriminating steak lover. Our USDA prime ribeye is hand-selected, hand-cut and served as a 16-oz portion of mid-western beef complimented by our homemade side dishes.

The Porterhouse Steak

Our incredible 24-oz porterhouse steak is one of our most popular steak selections for those who are searching for the ultimate steak dinner. The porterhouse offers the best of both worlds when it comes to selecting a flavorful and leaner cut of beef, as it is a combination of the tenderloin steak and the strip steak all in one. If you are looking for a tender, thick and juicy cut of prime steak for your next meal out, McKendrick’s Steak House offers several cuts of perfectly prepared steaks and chops.

When you want a steak, and you want it your way, keep in mind that McKendrick’s Steak House is known as the ultimate Steakhouse in Atlanta. You can book your lunch or dinner reservation quickly and easily online, or please give us a call.

Steakhouse Atlanta
McKendrick's Steak House
4505 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30346

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