sober living Thousand Oaks California

sober living Thousand Oaks California

Drug and alcohol abuse can impact every area of a person's life, including financial stability, housing situation, and relationships with our families. If you or someone you love is struggling with drugs or alcohol, sober living can help you get back on track. This kind of living works if you need help adjusting to daily living before returning home. Depending on your ongoing care needs and progress in treatment and recovery, you can stay there as long as possible.

That's why so many rehab facility counselors promote the idea of patients giving the option a try. Here, we'll focus on the benefits of sober home living.

Create Meaningful Relationships

The risk of feeling alone and isolated is high for those who go back home after inpatient treatment. When staying in a sober living house, you won't have to worry about being alone after your treatment. You'll be living with people who know what you're going through and can help move your recovery forward. The relationships you build in a sober living home can become a pillar of support as you work to regain your independence.

Re-learn Life Skills

When you are addicted, your other obligations often fade. Things like going to work or school on time, eating healthy, home maintenance, and personal hygiene might be out of practice. A sober living environment provides the structure you need to re-learn those skills. There's less outside pressure in a sober living house. You'll have a safe environment to rebuild your personal responsibility and live a healthy lifestyle.

Independent Living In A Safe Environment

After completing detox or a residential program, it's time to retake control of your life. Staying in a sober living environment can help you maintain independence in a way not possible at a residential rehab. In a sober living setting, you will be living independently in a secure environment with abundant support. Sober living homes let you start making healthier choices for yourself with a more fruitful outcome.

Reduced Risk of Relapse

A Sober living home can help reduce your risk of relapse. Being separated from the outside pressures of your local community, you'll have the freedom to heal and focus on yourself. With no drugs, alcohol, or addictive medications allowed in sober homes, you'll strengthen your chances of staying sober. Staying in a sober living environment can help you see that you can go about your normal activities or get through regular days without drinking or using drugs.

Contact Bloom Recovery

At Silver Bloom Recovery, we know that your journey to lasting addiction recovery doesn't end once detox or inpatient rehab is over. That's why we add sober living homes in Thousand Oaks, California, with our continuum of care. If you wish to learn more about our sober living Thousand Oaks, California, and determining your eligibility, please reach out to us at 805-248-3473 / 818-462-1910.

We look forward to helping you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction so that you can live the best versions of yourselves.

sober living Thousand Oaks California
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