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Get Churchill Reserve beef via our FREE home delivery service, if you live in these counties in Minnesota.

Goodhue, Olmsted, Dodge, Dakota, Scott, Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, Rice, and Southern Anoka

If you don’t live in these counties, please click here to purchase your beef from our good friends Blue Nest Beef. They offer free shipping to all lower 48 states.

$150 Minimum Order For Free Delivery

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2 pieces of our 1.5 lb brisket and 6 1lb packages of stew meat

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Burger Patties


12 1lb packages each with 3 of our 1/3lb ground beef patties.  No mess, quick burgers!

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Chuck Roast


Our chuck roast makes perfect, fork-tender pot roast or shredded beef.  Each case contains 6 of our 1.5lb chuck roasts.

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Ground Beef


12 1lb packages of our best burger!  Perfect for grilling, tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes, all your fav comfort foods  85% Lean / 15% Fat

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Hot Dogs


8 12oz packages of Hot Dogs (6 hot dogs per package) – ultimate quick meal for the kids

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New York Strip/Sirloin


6 mouth-watering NY Strips – 10oz each, and 5 Top Sirloin – 10oz – perfect and ready for the grill

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6 pieces of melt in your mouth 10oz Ribeye steaks AND 4 tenderloin filets – 6oz each

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Soup Bones/Cross-Cut Shank


Cross cut shanks – perfect for Asso bucco, or soups

Each case contains 4 pkgs of 2 cross-cut shanks each, so 8 pieces.  Each piece is 1 – 1  1/2 lbs.

Search “osso buco recipes” for inspiring recipes.

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Big Beef-Eater Box


Hand-selected grass-fed meats will give you the ultimate grass-fed beef experience. This is the highest quality meat you can buy, provided by one of the most experienced ranchers in the industry.

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Summer Grilling Bundle


Our 100% grassfed ground beef adds incredible rich robust flavor to your burgers, tacos, lasagna!

Ground Beef – 24 1lb packages
1/3 lb Beef Patties – 12  1lb packages

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