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Premium Ice Cream Oregon

Article provided by: Umpqua Dairy Products and Umpqua Ice Cream

Premium Ice Cream Oregon

Trying to find the perfect dessert for an upcoming occasion? Anyone looking for Premium ice cream in Oregon will know to look for Umpqua Dairy products. As the premier dairy producers in the region, Umpqua Dairy has been bringing the highest quality of frozen treats to Oregon since 1931- and doesn’t plan to stop byte soon.

Just what makes Umpqua Premium ice cream so different from their competition? The fact is, Umpqua Dairy uses only the very finest ingredients, including milk and cream sourced from cows that have not been treated with growth hormones. That means your favorite Umpqua premium ice-cream flavors are rBST-free. If that’s not reason enough to choose Umpqua Dairy products, there are plenty of other reasons you’ll want to check our for yourself on the Umpqua Dairy website.

To make premium ice cream in Oregon, Umpqua Dairy obtains their milk from independent dairy farms in Southern Oregon and in the Willamette Valley. All of Umpqua’s products are made right at their local Roseburg plant, using their locally-sourced dairy products within 24 hours of obtaining them. That’s the taste of freshness you experience when you enjoy one of Umpqua’s Premium ice cream flavors.

If your local grocer carries Umpqua’s premium ice cream, you’ll enjoy all of the classic flavor you grew up with and a few with some minor twists. Some of the more traditional flavors you’ve probably seen or may have even tried include Umpqua’s own Almond Mocha Fudge, Bordeaux Cherry, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Mint, Cookie Dough, Cookies N’ Cream, French Vanilla, and several others. If you’re feeling a bit more daring, you may opt for one of Umpqua’s more contemporary flavors, like their indulgent Licorice, Kona Coffee, Old World Spumoni, Play Dough, Root Beer Float, Birthday Cake, or perhaps Bubble Gum, with or without the gum bits.

Mountain Blackberry Revel is a local favorite and is also the Umpqua Dairy August flavor of the month- but don’t worry, you can enjoy Mountain Blackberry Revel any time of the year. It’s a special blend of Umpqua’s world-famous vanilla ice cream with a rich blackberry syrup swirled throughout. If you love the taste of fresh blackberries, you won’t want to miss out on this unique combination. In fact, it’s one of the most popular Premium ice cream flavors in Oregon!

Umpqua Dairy has created a Licorice Premium ice cream specifically for their fans who just can’t get enough of that crisp, clean licorice flavor. This rich, real black licorice ice cream is everything you hope it will be- and more. Pick up a 3 gallon tub for your family to enjoy after your evening meal and discover why Umpqua Dairy is renown throughout the region as a world-class premium ice cream crafter.

You’ll find all of your favorites in your local grocer’s freezer department. Make sure you ask for Umpqua Dairy products by name and accept no substitutes. There is absolutely nothing else like Umpqua Premium ice cream in Oregon!

Premium Ice Cream Oregon
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