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For the best nut gift options, you should turn to Nut of the Month Club. Nuts are notorious for being extremely healthy, as they help the body produce red blood cells. The health benefits of nuts are practically endless, depending on the type of nut in question.

Nearly all types of nuts are helpful in lowering cholesterol, but the levels and types of fatty acids found in nuts can vary tremendously. Nuts are infamous for being a high protein snack that is low in fat and packed with folic acid.

Incorporating nuts into your daily diet is much easier than it sounds, especially with the services of the Nut of the Month Club. Having premium nuts shipped directly to your door can allow you to start living a healthier lifestyle. Plus, you have the power to send a subscription to a friend as a gift!

Strange and Fun Information Regarding Nuts

According to professional botanists, a nut is defined as the fruit of a shrub, bush, or tree that is hardened. While nuts can boost energy levels naturally, they can also cause constipation in some people. The almond is a sweet tasting nut that originated in the Middle East and South Asia. Technically, the almond nut is considered to be the official seed of the almond tree. Eating almonds contain special fats that naturally lower cholesterol levels.

Boosting your calcium levels and Vitamin E levels can be as simple as adding a handful of nuts to your daily diet. Snacking on almonds can improve the flow of your digestive system, as they are high in fiber. The United States produces more almonds than any other country, as they present eighty percent of the total amount. Like almonds, Brazil nuts are the official seeds of the tree. Brazil nuts have a lot in common with almonds, even though they are very different.

Reducing Cancer Risks with Nuts

There are people who believe that eating nuts can reduce their chances of getting cancer. Some prostate and breast cancer patients believe the nutrients and health benefits of nuts helped their general recovery. None of this information has been scientifically proven, but adding healthy substances to your body is never a bad decision, in moderation, of course.

Brazil nuts are recognized as being the largest diet source of selenium, which is important to a human diet. In the beautiful country of Brazil, no one is allowed to cut down Brazilian nut trees. Since cutting these trees down is illegal, the trees are found in weird places around cities in Brazil.

The Sweetness of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are typically found in chocolates, as they produce a sweet flavor. The tree from where these nuts come from is only known to grow within the confinements of the Northern Hemisphere. You will find access to all types of nuts at the Nut of the Month Club, like hazelnuts. Contact our team at Nut of the Month Club today to get started with your monthly nut subscription. We look forward to serving your nutritious needs.