Most spacious Supermarket in Roseau Dominica

Most spacious Supermarket in Roseau Dominica

The world's first famous supermarket began operating in 1912 in the USA. The idea spread to Europe and other countries fast, and the world's shopping scene changed forever within a decade. Today's supermarkets thrive with consistently full shelves and a technological sales support system to replace the salespeople who dominated the shopping scene before.

Dominica's first in-store bakery and deli is in Whitchurch's supermarket. The grocery section represents the booming vegetable market of the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic.

Whitchurch has a comfortable shopping experience that is mostly an attribute of its large size and a wide selection of products. Our size accommodates enough products to serve the populace in the north of the island. Our presence benefits the surrounding community in the following feasible ways.

The best grocery store in Dominica


A vast supermarket in Roseau Dominica such as ours makes all the difference in regards to the parking space. It is easy to shop at a store that has enough space for a large number of visitors because you only have to cover a short walking distance to and from the store.

You can wheel the trolley to the car and leave it at the same spot for the shop attendant to collect. This setup makes the experience pleasurable instead of the chore of walking outside the Roseau grocery store with heavy shopping bags.

One-stop shopping

You do not have to leave the supermarket to find fresh bread or new grocery supplies. Most spacious supermarkets in Roseau Dominica include these products in their facility, for you to complete the errand within the shop.

Healthy eating

Big supermarkets are notorious for stocking processed foods. The difference with our store is that we have a wide assortment of healthy foods. We promote the purchase of healthy foods by vividly advertising the presence of a bakery and deli within the store. Our customers have a constant stream of fresh groceries; hence, it is impossible to purchase a product that is near its expiration date.


Supermarkets are better for the customer who wants to choose between different brands of the same product. You can choose if you're going to support a starter brand or a more experienced one. Our variety of products is long in comparison to the local corner store.


The cost of products is one of the most significant factors in choosing which shop is the best. A big supermarket as ours has attractive discounts because we acquire most of our products with the best retail prices from the manufacturer. This setup means you can save hundreds of dollars on electronic appliances, and other significant purchases when you shop at the most spacious supermarket in Roseau Dominica.


You cannot buy more than a couple of boxes of the same item from a small corner shop. The most convenient supermarket in Dominica has ample storage of stock and can, therefore, sell a more significant bulk of non-perishable items like paper. The size of goods are convenient for large families, chefs shopping for a large group of people planning a long road trip, among other similar conditions.

Contact us for details about shipment and all the payment methods allowable for any size of shopping.

Most spacious Supermarket in Roseau Dominica