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lunch catering Tampa FL

Lunch catering in Tampa FL allows you to show potential customers, employees, and other guests that you appreciate their dedication. Providing nutritious and delicious meals will enable you to create an image that people want to center themselves around. Exec Chef catering offers high-quality lunch options with discounts and rewards.

How does a catered lunch affect my brand image?

Suppose you have a multi-million-dollar contract in the works. Your customers want to gain an understanding of your company and the ability to provide for their needs. Lunch meetings and office visits are not uncommon. Offering delicious meals shows that you care for your consumers business.

When you court a customer, you want to show your best face. You may have a beautiful building and recognition in the marketplace. However, enterprise-level customers offer contracts that every major company with the same features wants to pursue.

Our quality meals provide memorable experiences and help push a prospect to a client. We offer perks such as punch cards and discounts for repeat customers.

Do catered lunches improve employee morale and well-being?

Allowing your employees to relax develops a working relationship that improves overall knowledge of work and social habits. It improves the quality of life for your staff and boosts the spirits of employees.

Lunch catering improves employee morale. Silicon Valley companies provide this perk and rank among the best and even most competitive work environments. Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook remained on the Forbes list of best places to work nearly since their creation.

Catered lunches vastly improve the availability of healthy options and keep employees working as well. Many restaurants price healthy choices at an unsustainable level. One meal at a time, your most valuable asset gradually sacrifices their health. This directly impacts productivity over time.

If you are trying to finish a major project, this option even keeps your employees working through the middle of the day when they are just coming off a productive morning. Your employees remain in high spirits even during a long workday.

Taken together, the feeling of appreciation compounds to produce an energized and motivated workforce. Little things such as allowing for a small break in the office to obtain a sumptuous meal make achievements feel as they are rather than just another cog in the wheel. This gives your workforce the impression that they are doing valuable work, incentivizing them to do more.

Can I deduct food tax for my business?

Corporate catering offers a further incentive to other food-related perks. The food tax is deductible as long as you serve food on your campus.

This makes office-based catering a perfect option for parties and gatherings. You do not need to bear the entirety of the cost of providing quality meals. We cater for any event in any location. Whether you are on a boat or at a large office, we come prepared and dressed for success.

Offering lunch catering in Tampa FL can improve brand image, productivity, and shows appreciation. Contact us today to find out how you can provide high-quality meals at a price you can afford.

lunch catering Tampa FL
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