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Egg white powder for baking

Though certainly best known as a filling breakfast option, eggs provide many benefits to everyday life, from baking and cooking to providing acne-prone skin some relief. However, not all eggs are created equal, and while we love the benefits of everyday kitchen staples, it’s also important to be aware that all foods (especially when consumed raw) run the risk of passing bacteria along to an unknowing consumer.


But no need to worry! Caneggs--Canada's foremost supplier of egg white powder for use in the Canadian healthcare, baking and cosmetics industries--offers a fantastic alternative to traditional hen’s eggs. At Caneggs, we source only Grade A, antibiotic-free eggs from family-owned farms in Canada. The process of making egg white powder involves pasteurizing the egg whites to remove all bacteria. The resulting product is high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals. Even better, Caneggs’s egg white powder is low in carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol!

How and When to Use Egg White Powder for Baking

Though eggs are a versatile food, dried egg whites are particularly useful in baking. Most often people will rehydrate the powder before adding it to a recipe, but some people use the powder as it is. To rehydrate the egg whites, simply combine four teaspoons of powder with four tablespoons of warm water, yielding the equivalent of 2 large traditional shell eggs. (Don’t forget to stir patiently but thoroughly--too vigorous and the mixture will foam and alter the texture of your baked creation.)

Powdered egg whites can also be used for baking in ways that your typical shell egg might not be able to manage. Because it is so high in protein and low in fat, powdered egg whites act as an excellent stabilizer in more delicate treats like whipped cream and meringue. When making these lighter sweets, make sure your liquid is room temperature before combining it with the powder to prevent caking.

When added as a powder, Canegg egg whites can also be used to give baked good an amazing texture or to increase the protein content of your favorite treats. Don’t abandon your pancakes, muffins, or cakes--simply add Canegg powdered egg whites for a more healthful option!

If you’d like something more savory, powdered egg whites can also be substituted in any egg dish or recipe that calls for whole shell eggs. (A bonus if the recipe calls for egg whites already--no more throwing away yolks!) Canegg powdered egg whites are also excellent to travel with since they don’t need to be refrigerated and their shelf life is so much longer than that of shell eggs.

Whatever kind of baking you’re attempting, powdered egg whites will certainly come in handy! Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a new foodie trying to reach their health goals, the versatility, uncompromised quality, and durability of Canegg’s powdered egg whites will provide precisely what you need to create the perfect dish.

Egg white powder for baking
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