Coupe Glass

Coupe Glass

It’s easy to overlook a few items when building a home bar that’s equipped to prepare and serve popular drinks to guests and family. A Couple Glass is one of those items that may not cross your mind when purchasing glass barware, however, it’s one that’s essential for duplicating many classic cocktails. Fifth & Vermouth has the bar tools and barware you need at affordable prices; our Professional Series Coupe Glasses hold 6oz of liquid, are handmade, and make a beautiful and elegant addition to your bar. We recommend having 4-6 Coupe Glasses on hand for unexpected company.

4 Ways To Put Your Coupe Glasses To Use

1. Rum Sours, or classic Daiquiris, are easy to create and are always a crowd pleaser. You don’tneed to reach for the blender to make a traditional Rum Sour- all you need is White Rum, Demerara Syrup, and Lime Juice. Reach For your Boston Shaker, or make sure you pick one up from our site if you’re using a glass for mixing; add ice, 2oz White Rum, 3/4oz Demerara Syrup, and 3/4oz Lime Juice. Rub a lime wedge around the rim of your Coupe Glass and press into sugar, vigorously shake the mixture, and strain into the pre-chilled Coupe.

2. Serve the perfect Boulevardier from your home bar every time with a few basic items you may already have on hand. This is a drink that is stirred unless your guest asks for it shaken. In a Shaker Tin, add ice, 1oz Rye, 1oz Campari, and 1oz Sweet Vermouth. Stir and strain into a chilled Coupe Glass; garnish with a twist of lemon or sub the Rye with Bourbon and serve with a twist of orange. You’ll receive rave reviews for the Boulevardier every time- and requests for seconds.

3. You’ll be the center of attention when you serve Hanky Panky cocktails in a beautiful Coupe Cocktail Glass. This beauty is easy to make but delivers a complex flavor everyone will simply love. Using the mixing tin on your shaker, add ice and the following: 1.5oz Gin, 1.5oz Sweet Vermouth, 2 dashes Fernet Branca. Stir until the outside of your shaker tin frosts, then strain into a chilled Coupe Glass. Express an orange peel over top and drop into the liquid, serving immediately.

4. Create a lively twist on the hum drum Gin & Tonic by making your guests Bee’s Knees. In your shaker, add ice, 2oz Gin, 3/4oz Honey Syrup, and 3/4oz Fresh Lime Juice. Shake vigorously to ensure the Honey Syrup is incorporated, then strain into a chilled Coupe. Serve with a Lemon Twist and float an ounce or two of Dry Champagne on top just before serving.

Consider investing in our barware when you’re searching for quality at an affordable price. Fifth & Vermouth is the ideal place to find shaker sets, jiggers, muddlers, cocktail glasses, rocks glasses, bitters & syrups, and everything else you’ll need to serve professional, delicious drinks from your home bar. Shop on our site for the best value on barware.