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appetizer catering Tampa

Appetizer Catering in Tampa

Can you make an entire meal of appetizers?

Why not? Appetizers can be anything you want them to be, and you can serve them any time or any place. In some countries, such as Spain, appetizer bars are exceedingly popular. In fact, the Spanish have a word, 'tapear,' that means to go on a tapas bar crawl to sample as many small plates as possible. Known as tapas, Spanish-style appetizers may be served hot or cold, and can include everything from chunks of fish to premium cheeses to cocktail onions to olives. Of course, these are not the only tapas options, but you get the general idea. If you wish to enjoy the company of your guests instead of toiling over a complicated meal from your kitchen, appetizer catering in Tampa is the way to go. ExecChef can set up an appetizer bar buffet-style, or we can send a professional server to circulate through the crowd while offering tasty treats your guests can eat with their hands.

What are the most popular restaurant appetizers?

Everyone's tastes are their own, but experts at Food Business News say that of all the appetizers served at restaurants in the United States, chicken wings are the most popular. French fries, fried calamari, coconut shrimp, and deep-fried cheese-stuffed jalapeno poppers are close contenders. Not everyone is excited about fried snacks, however, and experts note a trend toward lighter options such as lettuce wraps and flat breads with savory toppings. Vegan appetizer options are also gaining traction in the restaurant marketplace. When you call ExecChef to manage your appetizer catering in Tampa, tell us what foods you like best and how many guests you expect to attend your function. We can pull together an amazing appetizer menu that is sure to satisfy everyone on your guest list. If you or your guests have special dietary concerns, let us know so we can accommodate your needs while providing an exceptional menu of small plate delicacies.

What kind of cold appetizers are good?

Now that summer is on the way, you may be in the mood to host an outdoor party for your friends or co-workers. Lighter than typical hot appetizers, cold appetizers from the ExecChef menu include perennial favorites such as Grilled Chicken and Artichoke Salad on a Parmesan Herb Crostini with Red Onion Jam, Chilled Jerk Chicken on Fried Plantain Chip with Sweet Tomato Chutney, Seared Rare Beef Tenderloin served Chilled on Petite French Baguette with Horseradish Cream Sauce, and Smoked Salmon on Black Pepper Potato Chips and Lemon Crème Fraîche. Shrimp Shooters with Mango Salsa, Tortellini Caprese Skewers with Fresh Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes and drizzled with Basil Vinaigrette, and Crab Salad Martinis are other superb choices for a summertime get-together. Can't resist offering a few hot snacks, too? You and your guests are sure to enjoy our Crispy Risotto Cakes with Sautéed Wild Mushrooms and Parmesan, Petite Lobster Mac N` Cheese Casseroles, Artisan Flatbreads of Margherita, Balsamic Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese and Fresh Baby Spinach with Feta, or Petite Lump Crab Cakes with Roasted Poblano Pepper Remoulade.

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appetizer catering Tampa