Addiction Treatment Orange County

Addiction Treatment Orange County

At Northbound Treatment, we understand that battling mental health and substance use issues can be difficult. That is why we have developed a unique approach to addiction treatment that makes us one of the best co-occurring addiction treatment centers around.

So, what’s so unique about our addiction treatment? Well, you’d have to keep reading to find out

We Offer the Right Environment

Our approach to addiction treatment focuses on the whole person instead of a symptom. That is why we pay particular attention to the environment where we offer treatment. So our dual diagnosis is built on the recognition that a healthy physical environment eliminates triggers that could cause temptations that leads to relapse. So we try to create a physical living environment that helps you develop healthy habits.

We are also mindful of the social factors that lead to temptations that cause relapses. That is why our treatment program tries to create a positive social environment that helps you recover faster.

We See Addiction Treatment A Lot Differently

You'd be surprised at the number of folks who have access to alcohol in the United States. Sadly, a lot of this number abuse this access, and that is why the number of alcoholics in the country keeps rising by the day. But what’s even more saddening is that abusive consumption is somewhat acceptable in our society so being an alcoholic might not be such a bad thing in some circles.

That’s why as one of Orange County’s leading co-occurring addiction treatment centers, we consider alcohol intervention to be a different category of substance abuse.

Expanding the Continuum of Care

Most drug addiction treatment programs are based on a treatment-focused paradigm that includes detoxification, managing withdrawal symptoms, and removing drug-dependent behavior.

As specialists in co-occurring disorder treatment, we do all of that and some more. We believe that assessment, patient and family education, and consistent self-evaluation will also play vital roles in the treatment process.

The rationale behind our approach is based on the understanding that clinical assessment, provides the information needed to make the right decisions when it comes to offering the tailored treatment that helps you with substance dependence.

Addressing the Root Cause of the Disorder

We also apply a cognitive behavioral therapy approach that helps identify and address the common psychological defense mechanisms at the root of the problem.

We believe that addiction treatment is a collaborative undertaking which is why we integrate loved ones into the recovery and rehabilitation processes. We have the resources and services for our clients and their loved ones who might be interested in helping them recover.

Verify Your Insurance for Treatment Today

Perhaps you or anyone you know is battling substance addiction and you’ve been looking for where to get help. Our clinic should be the first name on your mind. Our clients testify that we’re among the best rehabs in Southern California and you can rest assured we’ll provide top-notch treatment services in a serene environment. Get in touch with is to verify your insurance for treatment, and you’ll be glad you made the decision.


Addiction Treatment Orange County
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Addiction Treatment Orange County
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