4 Bottle Wine Cooler

4 Bottle Wine Cooler

Select the Best 4 Bottle Wine Cooler

A 4-bottle open wine cooler is the best alternative to boost your wine by the glass business. A leading 4-bottle countertop wine cooler helps you improve service, and maintains the wine's aroma, flavor, and robustness properties. So you can get the most out of every bottle you uncork, increasing your profitability.

You will find in the market a variety of wine coolers on sale for your business. However, the best alternative you will have is Quattro, the top dispenser from Winemotion™. You should know why Quattro stands out from the competition and is the ideal 4 bottle wine cooler.

Why Quattro is the best 4 Bottle Cooler for Wines?

  1. Premium Features

Most manufacturers offer 4 bottle coolers with mid-range features. For example, you will be hard-pressed to find another countertop wine cooler with LED with premium features. In contrast, Quattro by Winemonion™ offers most of the high-end features of our product line to our customers. These include design, cooling system, WineIDEA software, integration, and 2-year warranty. This allows you to get the most out of your investment in our dispenser.

  1. Dual Chamber Option

When looking for a 4 horizontal wine cooler, or a vertical open bottle dispenser you will usually find cabinets with only one cooling temperature. Instead, Quattro offers two alternatives for you to choose from according to your needs. You can choose the standard Quattro with a single chamber, or our PRO version with two independent chambers. These will allow you to keep the different wines at the perfect temperature, for maximum preservation and enjoyment of your buyers.

  1. Attractive and Convenient Design

Quattro allows you to maximize your shoppers' experience to the fullest, and increase wine purchase intent. Its LED lighting and front cabinet ventilation system help highlight bottles and labels for maximum product exposure. Also, its 3-button individual dispenser system allows you to use them perfectly in the self-service option.

  1. 30+ Days Wine Preservation

Most of the 4-bottle wine dispensers you will find offer a maximum shelf life of 14 days for your open product. In contrast, Quattro's advanced technology will help you keep your wine in perfect condition for 30+ days. The advanced Argon system, the individualization of the temperature chambers, and the best refrigeration system on the market will allow the wine to be in perfect condition for weeks, avoiding product losses, and maintaining the level of satisfaction of your customers.

  1. The Taste Experience

Quattro is designed to delight your buyers with the best value-added elements. In addition to a straightforward self-service system, you can offer several payment options including POS, wine cards, hotel room cards, and bar code scanners. You can also take advantage of the taste portion, to encourage your customers to try different wine alternatives, and improve the overall sales of your business.

Trust the Best

If you are looking for the best 4 Bottle Wine Cooler to boost your business, you are in the right place. Quattro by Winemotion™ is the best alternative to take your wine by the glass sales to the next level, with an excellent price/value investment. Learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or receive a free quote.

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